Monday, 17 September 2012

TaskRunners Springs into action!

We heart TaskRunners!
Sky blue and canary yellow balloons filled a perfect Spring day at the Breakfast Point Spring Fair on Sunday 16 September. And what a day it was!

As TaskRunners’ first public appearance, we received a big warm welcome from the residents of the Canada Bay community and had a pretty darn good time ourselves. Young families were out enforce, with kids absolutely loving all the rides and games. Cuisines to satisfy every taste bud filled bellies and stalls of every type wrapped the village green. Check out the photos of the day on our Facebook page and tag yourself as well.

Family, fun and a bit more fun

We are family!
Gourmet cupcakes from Anna Trivedi Cakes
In keeping with making time for the family and fun for all, we had heaps of giveaways including kid magnets – balloons (of course!), puzzles, truly scrumptious cupcakes from Anna Trivedi Cakes and an ear for listening to what everyone would like a hand with, TaskRunners style. From help with cleaning, cooking meals, through to organising the kitchen, we heard what busy families would cheerfully swap for an extra couple of hours of free time. With such genuine enthusiasm for helping your neighbours lighten the workload at home and more, you can be rest assured we’re very keen to make it happen for you!

The ‘1 Minute Task Challenge’

And your time!
To keep the big kids amused, we ran the hugely popular ‘1 Minute Task Challenge’. Contestants had to write down as many Tasks they could think of in 60 seconds for their chance to win a $100 gift voucher from RedBalloon.

Task Master, Helena, scores the $100 prize
The amazing Helena Tosello aced the challenged with a huge 19 tasks (our own Cheryl scored 18 in her test run) and will be off enjoying some ‘Me time’ courtesy of RedBalloon and TaskRunners. Well done, Helena! As a stay-at-home mum with kids, Helena’s keen to earn some extra income around her family’s schedule. So if you’re looking for some help around the home – Helena might be your lady. Drop us a line.

And the $50 RedBalloon voucher goes to….

We still have a $50 RedBalloon voucher to give away so stay tuned into our Facebook page when we announce the lucky winner on Wednesday 19 September. Oh the joys of giving!

Thank you!

Bird's eye view of the Fair by Katrina Davis
We can’t forget to say a very heartfelt thanks to the organisers of the day, Breakfast Point Realty  for putting together a great community event that was just seamless.  As well as all the wonderful people we met during the day that spent some chatting with us as we listened to how people felt TaskRunners could help with their lives, in either with things around the house or providing assistance with the skills they have.

From the moment we arrived till pack down at the end we were buzzing with excitement. The community spirit, sense of fun and the simple enjoyment of sharing time with our families, friends and neighbours was just fantastic! We look forward to giving our members more time to enjoy days like this when TaskRunners launches!

I’d like to thank my…

Lizzie, Cheryl, Corn & 'Magic Hands' Dave
Corn, Chery & Anf'Mazing'
Meet the parents
Naturally, we couldn’t have done it without the help of a great team:

  • Bek Lambert, our marketing guru from Unashamedly Creative (incognito and missing from the photos)
  • Anfernee, who happy snapped the day (beats an iphone any day!)
  • Dave and Lizzie for playing with helium and helping us spread some blue and yellow lurve
  • Our friends and family that dropped by during the day to show their support (you rock!)
The fun's just begun

We're only a few weeks from launching the website but in the meantime, you can already start Posting Tasks and Become a Task Runner. Woo hoo! 

And if you missed meeting us on the day or for anyone else keen to join the TaskRunners community, feel free to pop by our Facebook page and say a big HI! 

Yours in tasks

Cheryl, Cornelius and Team TaskRunners

Corn & Chez


  1. It was a beautiful day for a fair, and you guys did a great job! Well done... This is the start of something WONDERFUL!

  2. Aww shucks Anna! Thanks! We're working hard to make sure it is :)

  3. Looks like fun!!! Especially the cupcakes :-)