Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Spring cleaning on your to-do list? Top 5 tips to make it pain free

Does Spring Cleaning get chucked into the 'too-hard' basket
Here at TaskRunners HQ we’re getting pretty excited about the warmer months. Sunshine, the birds, beaches, swimmers and BBQs…woo hoo! 
This also means friends and family crawl out of hibernation and decide to get friendly again. This calls for a bit of a spruce up to the place. Ok, a MAJOR spruce up. 

I don’t know about you, but our home seems to be a like a bowerbird’s nest accumulating stuff, dirt and dust over the winter months. As they say, a good clean and major purge is as healthy for your state of mind as it is for your ability to find your paperwork for your tax return (which by the way, that’s due soon too).

I won’t put sprinkles on top of your squeegee and mop over the fact that Spring Cleaning can be down right painful and you'll find every trick in the Procrastinators Bible to get away from it. Alas, that day will arrive when you can't fight it off any longer. 

Time to get it done! 

So we’ve put together 5 tips to make your Spring Cleaning tasks easier:

Task Tip # 1 - Planning is key

Block out a time slot in your week or weekend to get it done. Allocate as much time as you feel you’ll need and get it done within that time. That way, you’re not spending a whole day trying to sort out your sock drawer.

Task Tip # 2 - Round em up!

Round up the troops and delegate, delegate, delegate. We believe that the pleasure (or pain) of cleaning is much better shared with your loved ones. They might think otherwise.

Task Tip # 3 - Game on

TaskRunners fan, Richard's, 'House Adventure Race'
Make it fun for yourself and the family. TaskRunners fan, Richard, who’s a keen adventure racer sent us a photo of his ‘House Adventure Race’. Come up with a similar idea. But remember, it’s about quality so make sure the job gets down well or you’ll be coming back a second time to clean up the mess.

Task Tip # 4 - High to low

Start from the top down, this just keeps everything you’ve already cleaned from getting dirty again. For example, dust before you vacuum, wipe the table before you sweep and clean upper cupboards before lower, etc.

Task Tip # 5 - Shake it 

Put on some funky music to get you in the mood. It really is more fun to clean when you’re shakin’ your booty!


Surprise, surprise, we’ve found some free Spring Cleaning printable checklists for you!

1) Here's a cute little checklist put together by Casa Sugar (as seen above): Link

2) Martha Stewart has put together a helpful download which includes spring cleaning tips: Link

3) Make your own spring cleaning check list. You can click items to remove them or add new items: Link

4) The Nest has a fun little checklist that turns spring cleaning into a game (see Task Tip #3): Link

5) Stay at Home Mum has a nice one pager spring cleaning checklist : Link


And if all of this is just a little too much, that's what TaskRunners is for. Post up your tasks and get some help from a local Task Runner.  It's that simple.  

So tell us, how are you tackling Spring Cleaning this year and what are some of your tips and tricks? 

x Cheryl

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