Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Can you help us launch TaskRunners?

At the crux of it, TaskRunners is all about help. Helping people who need things done and connecting them with people who are looking to earn some extra income by providing that help. My English teacher would be appalled to see the word ‘help’ used four times in a paragraph. Sorry Mrs Brown, but I’m trying to get a message through here.

As we inch closer to our website going live in a mere week or so I’m buzzing with excitement that it’s come this far. I’m so proud of what we’ve accomplished as a team (thank you Michael, Grant, Bek and Corn) and thrilled to have had such positive support from our growing community to keep the dream going. The best is yet to come.

I’ll be honest – starting a marketplace of any sort is not easy. Think eBay as a prime example. Critical mass, ie getting enough people to use the site as either Task Posters or Task Runners is the key, otherwise it simply doesn’t work. The great news is that it IS going to work and you know why? Not because I’m financial and emotionally vested in it but because YOU, our friends, our fans, our family want it also see it succeed. And damn it, it’s going to happen. Here’s where you come in.

The 'Go Live' button. 

On the day we go live, the last thing you and I want to see is a measly handful of tasks posted by my dear mother.  We want to get everyone hitting the ‘Post it’ button from the get go. Flood the pages with things you need done for the house, in preparation for Christmas, for that party you’re having with 50 friends, with getting your small business in order – tasks that have been sitting around for way too long waiting for the tooth fairy to take away and leave her gold coin for. It’s time to get it done!

So what can you do to help? In any of the following ways:
  • Post your tasks of course!
  • Share our page www.taskrunners.com.au with your friends on email, Facebook, Twitter and any other social media and let them know what amazing things we’re looking to do here at TaskRunners,
  • Give out flyers to your local coffee shop, businesses, schools and clubs,
  • Leaflet drops in your building and around your suburb. We can post these out to you, just email me at Cheryl@taskrunners.com.au and let me know how many you’d like and your mailing address and I’ll get that out to you quick smart.
  • Spread the word whichever way you like.

I can’t say thank you enough for your support. There truly are amazing people in the world. I’m looking forward to hearing stories about your experiences and how TaskRunners has really made a difference.

Yours in tasks

"I am surrounded by good energy, great opportunities, and amazing people." - Sylvia Borges

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