Sunday, 14 October 2012

Taking on our Biggest Task

If you've read our post about how our TaskRunners journey started you'll realise we we're pretty much stuck in the busy-ness of life like millions of Australians. Simply overwhelmed.  

When I first thought of TaskRunners, I wasn’t looking for a specific “collaborative consumption” business to start. I didn’t even know the term or movement existed. I sure wasn’t looking for an online start-up that could make use of the latest in technology because I’m almost a complete technology dud. Start-up culture and practices weren’t even on my mind.

No. It sounds a little cliché but I just wanted to help and connect people which brought some joy into their lives. I’m not talking around help in a charitable way (that’s another one of my passions that I’ll save for another post) but in a sense that made people’s lives easier, more enjoyable and just so they have the freedom to choose what they wanted to do with their time. I know it was what I also wanted for myself and my family.

What I was seeing around me was (and have since found out):

  • Parents, especially mothers, drowning under the weight of the domestic burden, sleepless nights and a lack of ‘me’ time.
  • Overworked and stressed out individuals who were working ridiculous hours without time to even enjoy their families let alone look after their own health.
  • The growing Grey Army (of which my parents are a part of) who have all this skill, experience and knowledge to share but don’t get a lot of opportunities to make the most out of that without a lot of digging.
  • A huge underutilised workforce in the form of stay-at-home mums, university students, carers, the disabled, underemployed and the unemployed.
  • Freelancers who were stressed by the growing number of eBidding sites denting their livelihoods as more and more work went overseas.
  • Small business owners who saw less and less of their families because of impossible ‘To Do Lists’ attached to their workload.
Mission Impossible

With all these people leaping around in my head, I began to wonder what I could do.  How could I do something to cater to all these different markets or it just impossible? It literally bugged me for months before I began to realise it was TIME that was everybody’s problem. It took me that long to come to that realisation because I was just so caught up with life myself. 

So what if I could find a way where people who had spare time on their hands could help others who didn’t and redistribute what everyone needed to do and re-balance time? Sounds a little far fetched but I did my research and I knew I could introduce a localised solution to cater to the Australian family. The task was on! On now, just mere weeks away from going live, we're ready to get things happening for people.

Sign up here to be the one of the firsts to know when we launch. 

What do you think of TaskRunners? Love it? Hate it? Not quite sure?

I would love to hear your thoughts.

x Cheryl

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